Indian Artists To Look Out For: Enchanted Valley Carnival

Anish Sood

One of the most successful artists of the Indian dance music scene, his latest single Superfly peaked at number 3 on the iTunes India chart. His music is a blend of House, Electro and Techno and his understanding of the audience has made him a success in all sorts or arenas and stages, along with his experience of 10 years. Having played alongside big artists like David Guetta, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Afrojack and Axwell to name a few, his busy schedule includes close to 90 gigs a year and every gig is a heart stealer.


Arjun Kanungo

Based in Mumbai, India, this guy’s melodious music is worth grooving to. A vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, he has had the privilege performed alongside the legendary Asha Bhosle. He has made content for various ads, short films and corporate projects as a music director and he also happens to have a knack for entrepreneurship. His voice is as lovely as his skills on a guitar and you should definitely check him out.



Vinayaka produces music which you can call, 21st century spiritual content. A perfect amalgamation of electric music with spiritual lyrics, capable of taking you into a state of trance with some given stimulants, his music speaks to the mind. There are so many aspects to his songs, the background beats, the vocals, the vibrations, everything just blends in so well to create a perfect masterpiece. With certainty, you would agree that he deserves more fan following and he deserves to be discovered.



You read that name and think of something classical or either something shady. Well, his versatility means he could be both on his console. You just can’t categorize him as one, you can only categorize him under various heads. Jack of all trades, master of some, he is based in New Delhi and his music represents his stage name most of the times. There is that ‘Kohra’s vibe in his music. Its in-explainable.