Enchanting Valley:Discovery

Its again the time for the India’s biggest music festival “The Enchanted Carnival” Started on 2013 which brings different music genres at one place from all over the world, whether it be metallic, electronic, indie and many more. The festival will be  blasting off from 16th and will make us dance on it’s beets  till 17th of December, 2017 at Aamby Valley City, Maharashtra. The festival always gather a huge crowed from all over the world, which includes mostly age group of 20-45 and above also.

The festival always had  an amazing set of top performing artists every year like  Farhan Akhtar and Arijit Singh, Ankur Sood, BadshahJuggy DDJ Chetas, DASU, PaponShilpi Sharma and Ami Mishra, to international artists like Bullzeye, Dj Rae, Steve AokiFlo RidaAlan WalkerTiësto, Fatoboy Slim, David GuettaMartin GarrixTaio Cruz and Bassjackers and obviously for such great artists the stages also needs to be the best. So in total there are 5 amazing stages which are COSMOS STAGE, PYRO STAGE, AKVA STAGE, TERRA STAGE, AERO STAGE.

The Camping in EVC always takes place on the ground of Enchanted Village. The camping always had an amazing tents to live and many people gather together during events and enjoy them selves by singing or playing any games or sports.

The Enchanted valley Carnival is not just known about it’s amazing performers but also about the adventure sports and activities that goes on trough out the carnival which includes quad and dirt bike racing, listen music parties, bonfires, jam sessions, poi workshops, art painting workshops,Dream Catcher making Workshops,Sports Activities,Drum Circles and many more. Also the festival has many food stalls which provides all kind of continental dishes and for the fashion lovers there are many stalls where you can get many funky attires and accessories for yourself so that you can be in your best look all the time. Surely the December brings in the chill of winters but in Enchanting valley Carnival the vibe will make you warm still it is recommended to bring some woolen as weather is never perfectly predictable.

a festival is lit during the night well in Enchanted Valley Carnival every single moment of the day is lit and filled with positive vibes and energy surely you will have your best time over here.