Indian Artists To Look Out For : Jodhpur Riff 2017


So Jodhpur is back with it’s biggest music festival “The Jodhpur Riff Music Festival 2017”,unlike last time the festival has an amazing set of performing artists coming all the way from far of foreign lands to entertain us with mixing up there blues with the enchanting of the rajasthani desert melodies.

Rocky Dawuni

Rocky Dawuni is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter who performs his signature ‘Afro Roots’ sound which is a mixture of Reggae, Afrobeat, Highlife and soul music. He currently lives between Ghana and Los Angeles.

Dawuni got acquainted with Reggae in Ghana when he heard a military band performing one of Bob Marley‘s compositions in Michel Camp;  a military barracks where he grew up in Ghana. Dawuni started the annual “Independence Splash” festival, which is held in Ghana on Ghanaian Independence Day, March 6.


Paco Renteria

The virtuoso, progressive, flamenco guitar player Paco Renteria began playing at the age of seven. By the time he was 22, Renteria was performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Guadalajara. Since then, he has composed over 300 pieces, and performed with the likes of Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti. His music has appeared in films such as Desperado and Legend of Zorro.

Ross Ainslie

Born in Perthshire in 1983, Ross began his career as a member of the Perth and District Pipe Band, before joining the Grade 1 Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, where he was mentored by piper Gordon Duncan. Hugely influenced by Gordon’s fearlessly innovative spirit and groundbreaking compositions, Ross began exploring his own abilities as a composer and writing his own tunes, and in 2002 he was a finalist in the prestigious BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year competition.

Angus Lyon

Angus is a musician, producer & composer based in Scotland. He is a member of Blazin’ Fiddles & The Halton Quartet who has also recorded & performed alongside Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Paul McCartney, Bobby McFerrin, Craig Armstrong, Blue Rose Code, Eliza Carthy, Matt Costa, Bella Hardy & many more

Currently recording and producing music from his Studio, Gran’s House.

“Through his brilliant duo with fiddler Ruaridh Campbell, his work with the marvellously pigeonhole-resistant Halton Quartet and his achievements as producer on myriad recordings, accordionist and keyboard player Angus Lyon is one of the traditional music scene’s most creative talents. However, this is only one facet of his scope, and on this Celtic Connections New Voices commission, he reveals a Zappa-esque skill for a smartly turned melody, effortlessly blending banjo, vibraphone, fiddle and saxophone, a penchant for jazz fusion, and a weakness for Earth Wind & Fire-style party soul-funk” The Herald.

Blue Rose Code

Hailing from Scotland but currently based in East London, Blue Rose Code is an alt-folk group whose influences are as hard to pin down as their fluid arrangements.

Of their debut release on Natural Studio Records, Ross Wilson (BRC’s singer says): “Rawlnish is the name of my family’s house on the Isle of Lewis. In Gaelic it literally means: the point at the end of the land. The house has been standing for over 200 years and is my favourite place. Legend has it that it’s the last inhabited house before Canada on the island and at the right time of year you can see the northern lights. It’s been home to my muse for a long time and has inspired much of our music so it’s only right that it should be the name of our debut release.”

Asin Khan Langa

Smita Bellur is a versatile Indian classical vocalist who specializes in the field of Hindustani Classical Khyal and traditional Sufi music(Qawwali). She is also adept at other genres such as Ghazal/Thumri/Chaiti and other semi-classical varieties, does collaborative work with fusion rock/pop bands, playback singing for movies, retro-hits from Indian Film music. Having sung (live in concert) at more than 300 venues ranging from Classical/Sufi music festivals to Corporate events, Fund raiser/Charity shows, harmony gatherings, she also performs at weddings and private HNI family functions/Chamber music. She belongs to Jaipur –Kirana gharana.