Indian Artists To Look Out For : Wonderflip

One of the best Indian Music Festivals is back with its 2017 edition and here are artists you should not miss out on, or artists who are reason enough to attend this festival.

Hari and Sukhmani

Sukhmani Malik – a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and Hari Singh – a producer, vocalist and an audio engineer come together to bring you a fusion of Punjabi folk and electronic music. Their music is capable of speaking to the soul and gives a break from other punjabi artists entering the industry with meaningless songs. This, in fact is the real music, inspired by writings of Sufi poets like Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, Kabir, and Shah Hussain. The music is also easy to groove to, at the same time easy to do energetic dance on. That’s the unique selling point, supposedly.

Ankytrixx (Ankit Koche)

Winner of  MyFav Awards – DJ Of The Year (2013) / No.1 DJ In Electronic Music (2012/2013), with five labels to his name, DJ/Producer of Techno and Deep genre, Ankit Koche has record of average 150 gigs annually for the past two years. Now its right to say, “Experience says it all”. His stage persona of a Techno/ Deep House specialist; his body of work covers a vast spectrum of underground electronic sounds effortlessly. In short, he is basically what you want to take you on a ride to another dimension.