Wonderflip A Magical Circus and A Magical Journey


Wonderflip is yet another inclusion to the budding list of Rajasthani Music Festivals which is slowly turning the state into a desert version of Goa in the month of December. In the style of the magnificent Magnetic Fields Music Festival comes yet another Palace style party which by far is the best collaboration of art groups across the country. Check out a few reasons so as to give you a short glimpse of why Wonderflip could be the most innovative festival the country might get to see.

  1. THE THEATRICS :Although it’s presented with the name of a circus but the featured art forms that combine dance, theatrics, narratives, art, fashion and other elements are yet an unexplored subject and can be regarded as way-ahead-of today’s time. “Natya Nector Dance” is the name of the academy is since there is a dearth of words to describe what they are actually capable of doing, it is highly recommended you go and experience it instead of trying to figure out what it could actually be.
  2. THE ARTS:
    The Domain of visual arts which includes sculpture, painting and design is also something Wonderflip will be remembered for. So if you are an art enthusiast and seeking inspiration for your work  it will be totally worth your money to take the wonder experience.

    Renowned Indian Artist Gaurav Gupta promises to deliver his essence with a unique installation which will symbolize the whole message of the festival.

    Klove Design Studio which is regarded as of the best lighting companies in India will showcase one of its creations which will be playing with lights and reflections guaranteed to play some magic with your visual sense

    And then there are bits will be unveiled in the festival itself so all that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Then there zones where you will discover the hidden misfit in yourself. You might be inspired to be an artist after witnessing all the beautiful art. Dont worry the festival will give you an opportunity to collaborate in a team and unleash your inner artist on a canvas that comprises of old cars. And then when you fail at it you will have full license to go Frankenstein and demolish it into pieces. Yes sounds bizarre but nevertheless fun and it’s waiting for you at Wonderflip. Many similar acts such as those will be present too.

    The location Khempur Village comprises of only 300 families most of whom won’t be present around the event location. Apart from that, it’s miles and miles of desert green fields, winter sunsets, beautiful palace and people like you who would be immersed in some new experiences. Camel and horse ride safari trips will be there to give a better aesthetic to your Desert Experience while your other moments will be spend between the walls of a royal palace and Mughal style tent houses. Wait!! isn’t that tourism at its best.

    And lastly, besides being a circus it is also a music festival and there will be tons of electronic and experimental music to surround you while you are gripped to the above 4 factors of the festival. And dance floors will be present too.