Magnetic Fields

magnetic fields

Abhimanyu Alsisar as on this date is the Raja of Khetri and has possession of the fabulous Alsisar Mehal which maintains its royal grandeur till date.

But the point to note is that Abhimanyu Alsisar besides being the bloodline Descendant also in some way lives like a king. He has managed to earn the love and respect of the locals and a good number of people just like a king. In fact, it’s easy to say that he could be one of the few people belonging to the royal domain of people who roams without much security and can afford to talk and blend with normal people like friends.

All this is because the beauty and aesthetic of his fabulous Palace and the tons of space around it forms the backdrop of one of the most beautiful festivals of the country. That’s right people! So while you might be drolling over global festivals held on beaches, forests, snow covered mountain tops or parks, here in our very backyard modern day kings and royalties offer their own palaces to host music festivals. It takes place around the month of December and goes by the name of Magnetic Fields.

Now before you go and check out the after video let us take a few minutes aside to once again give credits to King Abhimanyu Alsisar who is noble enough to not assume vandals out of the youth of India. He is enough of a communicator to win the confidence of the local people who have always helped the visitors a lot. And lastly, he is just cool enough to let you walk around the corridors and step into any of the various small stages scattered around the palace.

Now if you ask each reveler individually as to why this festival is unique in return you will get equally the number of unique answers but keeping universal concerns in mind we will list a few:


  • The Palace adds to it:
    Now think of all the music festivals you know about and think which of them is held on a festival. Now think of the experience could be unique from other music festivals. Most of the spots are surrounded by walls, so the best bit is that it is not loud compared to other music festivals and rather becomes a more intimate and sacred space.
  • The Lighting is exquisite:
     Hang on!!!! I know we have been mentioning this about all music festivals which is true but so is the thing about magnetic fields. Well to give you a perspective, the lights of magnetic fields might inspire you to decorate your home too. Now that’s how beautiful the lighting of Magnetic Fields Music Festival is. Also, it’s not that flashy and bright and the overall realm is rather dark which gives a very dazed and soothing effect.
  • The Effect of Music:

    While being surrounded by the wave of some great electronic music which speaks of the future, the sights of a 300-year-old palace will hold you in a labyrinth of thoughts like no other. It’s almost like being trapped in the crossroad of a distant past and the near future and its assured you won’t have words either to express that feeling. Oh, and you won’t require any external stimulants and it is the trademark natural feeling of Magnetic Feilds.
  • Get to meet some really awesome people:

    All the friends you made as of yet were in college or school or coaching classes or offices and that existed as long as the purpose existed. The visitors coming out at Magnetic Fields consist of those who like to throw themselves treats out of their busy professional lives and as a result of which you will meet artists, painters, writers. musicians and people who show their real personalities from the first impression itself. You won’t find much like them on a day to day life, especially in this country.
  • Will help get you back with the traditional roots:
    Because some traditional Rajasthani folk artists who are not professional artists but rather forerunners of the family traditions will be playing around somewhere. And after a dose of electronic music the folk serves up as a charger for your musical battery. Apart from that, the locals will be out there with their stalls and the very important tea stalls above anything. And inquisitive kids might be wandering around curious about something you that you do and they might not be knowing.