Indian Artists To Look Out For : Ziro Festival

So, Ziro Festival might be just a month away, the festival goers need to do their homework before attending it, and the homework includes discovering the artists performing in the festival, apart from the headliners. So we make it easier for you by giving you a head start with this article.

Dhruv Visvanath

Meet this indian prodigy who started his musical journey at the age of 7. A multi-instrumentalist and just 22 years old, Dhruv is infamous for his percussive style of playing guitar and also happens to be the only Indian in the prestigious Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s ‘30 Great Guitarists under 30′, alongside names like Ed Sheeran, Laura Marling and Newton Faulkne. His music is sure to make you groove and join in with the vocals. His vocals are as good as his skills on a guitar and it’s like, his voice and guitar compliment each other. The music is really soothing, and perfect for a festival like Ziro.


       Sofia Ashraf

Sofia is a tamil rapper and singer who makes songs for the people, quite literally. She fights the companies exploiting their employees in India through her songs, fearlessly. Having worked for A. R. Rahman speaks a lot about her talent. She was known as ‘The Burqa Rapper’ due to her outfit in the initial years and she started out her career performing in a college fest, wearing a burqa, questioning people’s attitude towards muslims after the 9/11 attacks and since then, she has been singing songs for such social causes, trying to bring a change. Can’t say for sure if you would love her music, though for certain, her music would make you feel the revolution she is fighting for.



So, get ready for the Ziro Festival, get ready for these artists!!!