Indian Artists To Look Out For : Bacardi NH7 Weekender



Aswekeepsearching is an Indian post-rock band hailing from Ahemdabad, India. The band’s music defined as “instrumental rock” is characterised by transcendent tunes overlayed with vocals that meld into the songs seamlessly. Their first full length “Khwaab” is widely regarded as putting India on the international post-rock scene. They released their second full lenth album, “Zia” recently in April 2017.

The Rudy Wallang Guitar Jamboree

A guitarist from Shillong, Rudy Wallang embodies blues in his guitar. With numerous awards under his belt, Rudy Wallang is regarded as one of the country’s most skilled guitarists and enjoys a cult following among blues and rock enthusiasts. Along with his band Soulmate, he has released three studio albums and has been associated with various artists including the likes of Carlos Santana.


Karsh Kale

An Indian/American musician, Karsh Kale has been accepeted as a pioneer melding various genres into a soothing and unique sound and credited with pioneering the “electronic tabla:. His music is a blend of Indian classical, electronic, and rock creating a multi-cultural fusion sound which is widely acclaimed. He has released multiple albums, his most recent one being UP(2016). He has an impressive dossier of associated acts under his belt like Zakir Hussain, Anoushka Shankar, Sting and Norah Jones and has featured on HBO’s True Blood.