FAQs:Magnetic Fields

1-How do I get to Magnetic Fields?

Head here for information about how to get to the festival – Travel.


2-Can I buy tickets without accommodation?



3-How do I get tickets?

4-What is the best way to reach the festival?

It is strongly recommended for Magnetic Fielders to travel by train. See travel options here.


5-Is travel provided from Delhi?


6-Is there a charge for parking?


7-Are there charging points in the luxury tents?


8-Can I bring my own tent to pitch?


9-Can a fourth person join me in a luxury tent or an additional person in a palace room?

Extra beds can be arranged for palace rooms but this is not possible for the luxury tents.

9-I want to get a luxury tent or palace room for just one person, is this possible?

Yes, there are single occupancy options.

10-What are the different accommodation options?

They have 2 adventures for you to choose from: live like the Kings and Queens in the palace or make camp with the Bedouins keeping watch over the night skies.