Discover: Insomnia Festival

So as we know that the Insomnia Festival 2017 will be kick starting from 1st of September and will keep on entertaining us till 3rd of September, so lets just dig into it by this article and let us know about this festival in more details.

The Insomnia festival was started in 2002 during the Autums at TromsøNorway , by Karl Kristian Hansen Kolbjorn Lyslo. During this time in Tromsø the polar night and the midnight sun makes Tromsø a city were some people struggle to sleep normally. and this is how the name came up to be as The Insomnia Festival.
The festival has been famous for it’s psychedelic music and the great line up they prepare each year from the past some great Djs of the Psychedelic music have showed up some are UgressBiospherePublic Enemy120 DaysThe Legendary Pink DotsBill Drummond and many more.
This festival gathers all kind of Hippies from all around the world and families also come here with there kids. the festival keeps energetic environment all the time and people stays intranquil  mood all the time. Festival offers an amazing varieties of  food and beer stall also if you are a fashion lover then you must try out the merchandise shop.

There is one main stage where the headliners will perform but after there performances the party does’n’t end many other excellent psy trance Djs will be showing off there skills in the disco huts made where you can enjoy during the evening time.
The festival gives quite a fruitful view in the evening time due to all the lighting works and fire plays! the price of the tickets should not be an concern as the price is quite minimal which ranges from  €25-€45.
This year the festival is bringing up some amazing talents like ||SPACE TRIBE||JAHBO||FUNGUS FUNK||GHS||MAD TRIBES||DICKSTER||INFECTED MUSHROOM|| OUTSIDERS||. So there are amazing treats for all the people travelling to this festival and one just can’t afford to miss it,see you all at The Insomnia Festival.