Discover : Bacardi NH7 Weekender

The festival name might suggest that it’s a long bike ride down to NH7 where your weeks end like no other week of your life. But Pune (mother town of Bacardi NH7 Weekender) doesn’t lie within a 100 miles of National Highway 7, so whatever reasons could be behind picking the name NH7 for the festival is something we are all curious about and would love to hear it from Mr. Vijay Nair, CEO of Only Much Louder who brought this event to life.

But by the time winter descends and your chances of getting to attend NH7 Weekender becomes real, logics and reasons would stop making sense and only the urge to experience will reign. This is because inside the festival ground Music speaks. Talking about genres the festival will always have something or the other in store for you and if not then you need to seriously discover your taste or be deemed inhuman.

Close to 90 or even more artists have been added to the schedules of the festival since 2013 edition and the diversity includes Metal and electronic bands from the globe TO traditional folk artists of the roots TO independent music artists who combine them all.

Apart from that NH7 Weekender sustains the vibe 24/7  by keeping the festival site lit up by keeping the art and fair quotient high enough to keep those taking a break from the music hooked. On top of which the weather does the trick by not keeping it too sunny so as to keep you exhausted from swinging but not chilly either to refrain you from putting up your sexiest outfits for the gathering.


The festival dates take place around the second week of December and incase for some reasons your Christmas and New Year plans seemed dry, then maybe you just heard your future self-calling you out from the grounds of BACARDI NH7 WEEKENDER.