Discovery: Ziro Festival

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Here are a few things worth noting about Ziro Festival of Music held in Arunachal Pradesh


Ziro Festival of Arunachal Pradesh can be dedicated entirely to the earthly values and norms of the Apatani Tribe who have been maintaining a very sacred bond with the surrounding ecology. And as a result of 100s of years of such agricultural practices and belief systems, Ziro valley can be regarded as one of the most harmonious natural zones for human life. This is perhaps the secret of the magical and transcendental vibe that exists while you are surrounded amidst the happening of Ziro Festival of Music.

Weather and Conditions:

As heard from other visitors who have attended the festival, besides the naturesque surroundings the weather also plays a pivotal role to the vibe of the festival. The sky is cloudy most of the times which makes a great atmosphere for long walks. And while the sun is out, it is just warm enough to chill under a tree with your sunglasses on. Also, there might be mild showers in between so it is advised to plan your packs accordingly.



Equipped to the festival grounds will be some exciting food stalls which will be serving tribal and cultural cuisine along with the usual festival food. You are not allowed to carry your own alcohol but no worries, the festival has its own onsite bar which will be equipped with beer, spirit and best of all some local wines and rice beer which blends very well with the local traditions of the festival.




When talking about the music, Ziro Valley will deliver to you some of the most honest and real music artists hailing from the independent music scene of India. The exhibit will be divided across two stages one which will be dedicated to electronic dance vibes and the other two the rock versions of music.




Ziro Valley can be a great escape with your friends, lover, family or even parents. And the festival might start right from the moment you make the trip because the route to the festival is studded with some great sights. Nevertheless, if you are a solo adventurer who likes to spend time with his instrument, diary or sketchbook and like making new friends then some new experiences are guaranteed while you spend the camping nights in the festival.


I hope that is enough to get your bags packing.

Remember! 28 October is the date and Ziro Valley is the place.