Road To Ultra And Its Ultra Treats

Road to Ultra

So while the real road to Ultra might get you to invest some considerable weight in your wallet and a good deal of time away from your professional duties, the team of Ultra took a more generous step and came right to YOU.

That’s right, after spreading its party wings in a long list of global locations like  Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa; Seoul, Korea; Singapore, Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; Hvar and Split, Croatia; Mexico City, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ultra has taken the “road” to another Asian country that goes by the name of India and now all that’s left for the citizens of New Delhi is to take the short Road to India Exposition Mart in greater Noida and their long awaited dreams of swinging in the style of Ultra will be over or rather might be over every year in continuum because it could be an annual event.

In the styles of the usual Road to Ultra events, the single night dance extravaganza held in various locations across the globe are annual events and that could mean this could be an extra addition to the budding list of annual music festivals in India.

Here are a few reasons why you should be super excited by this party juggernauts arrival to country:

  • Being a full fledged organization and having a brand power of over 20 years, Ultra music festival unlike many concert organizers in India or across the globe have the source to land the best DJs of the world to their consoles. Which indirectly means you might get to witness established brands and upcoming talents right at your footsteps otherwise who as of yet were just video myths.

  •  Being a full fledged organization and having a brand power of over 20 years, Ultra music festival has the capability to sky rocket your DJing career to Dutch limits. So it is a great great news for electronic and party music scene of India who can serve the bigger aim of operating the console in an Ultra event who can get recognized for much bigger events
  • The first edition is basically a test launch and its response and nature of gathering will set the stage for further such events. So the Ultra team is not the only one standing in line for this but also bigger brands like Tomorrowland, Nature-One and Virgin Groups (V festival organizers) will look forward to rolling their dices here. (which means more annual party events).

    The more hopefull future!!!


  • Event management is the hidden key to the success and ownership to such a festival. Handling 9 djs and setting up stages simultaneously in between performances requires an experienced team which was previously not available before. So kudos Ultra.
  • As witnessed in the Road to Ultra festival, the brilliant stage lighting and synchronized effects is also a difficult thing to accommodate and were hard to incorporate even in premier events like that of Justins The purpose Tour in Mumbai. So the visuals of the concert will also be the first of its kind that the residents will get to see and once again you have to give credit to the team of Ultra.
  • This might be the first step towards the construction of a party nation. So Delhiites give your best and don’t act like snobs during the main event!!!