FAQs: Bumbershoot


Bumbershoot kick starts from 1 September. Here are a few things to know before reaching the festival ground.


What items are prohibited at the Festival?

All festival guests will be subject to a search upon entry and prohibited items found inside the festival will be forfeited and not returned. Please look over the following and make sure to leave these things at home to ensure a smooth entry.

The following items are NOT allowed at Bumbershoot:

  • NO – Tents
  • NO – Chairs
  • NO – Weapons
  • NO – Skateboards
  • NO – Projectiles, including balls and frisbees
  • NO – Fireworks
  • NO – Drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any other illegal substances
  • NO – Glow sticks of any shape or size
  • NO – Animals/pets, except service animals
  • NO – Cameras with detachable lenses
  • NO – GoPro’s and other video cameras
  • NO – Alcohol
  • NO – Beverages of any kind
  • NO – Coolers and ice chests
  • NO – Glass bottles or glass of any kind
  • NO – Flasks or Bota bags
  • NO – Drones or other remote-controlled aircraft/toys
  • NO – Wagons or carts
  • NO – Bicycles on festival ground (Bike parking is near The Space Needle / MoPop)
  • NO – Backpacks of any size. Only single compartment bags smaller than 17″ x 12″ x 10″
  • NO – Laser pointers
  • NO – Air horns or other noisemakers
  • NO – Selfie sticks/narcissistics
  • NO – Spiked jewelry and large chains
  • NO – Markers and spray paint
  • NO – Stickers
  • NO – Over-the-counter medication
  • NO – Musical instruments (unless an approved Bumbershoot performer)
  • NO – Strollers are not allowed in KeyArena or Memorial Stadium
  • NO – Tailgating is not allowed in parking lots or anywhere on festival grounds
  • NO – Frowny faces, Debbie downers, or naysayers


Is Comedy Pass needed to guarantee access to a comedy stage?

In 2017 there will be NO need for Comedy passes! Lines to all comedy venues will begin 15 minutes prior to each show.


Who needs a pass to Bumbershoot?

Anyone age eight (8) and over will need a wristband to enter Bumbershoot grounds. Children who have not yet reached their 8th birthday are free when accompanied by a paying adult. Seniors age 70 and over also will be admitted for free to Bumbershoot without a wristband. Please bring your ID to the Box Office to receive your complimentary wristband.


Will there be ATMs onsite?

ATMs are located throughout Seattle Center. There will be additional ATMs near the Food and Craft vendors, and next to the Merchandise Tent. All ATMs will be displayed on the Festival Map.


Where are the bathrooms located?

Permanent restrooms are located throughout the Seattle Center campus. Download the mobile app to find the restroom nearest you, or refer to the festival map that you can pick up at entry gates.


I’m biking, is there a place to store my bike?

Bumbershoot is located within biking distance from many of Seattle’s great neighborhoods. Bumbershoot’s bike parking is located on Broad Street near the Space Needle. Bicycle parking is free and highly encouraged. Don’t forget to bring a bike lock!


What kind of food options are there at the festival?

There will be a wide variety of options for everyone to enjoy including vegetarian and vegan near the Next 50 Plaza (east side of Seattle Center Campus) in addition to throughout the festival site. Download the mobile app, or refer to the festival map that you can pick up at entry gates. All food & vendors on-site will be listed on the mobile app.


Is there a specific list of items that fall in the allowed items list that can be brought to the festival?

The following items ARE allowed at Bumbershoot:

  • YES – Empty water bottles (non-glass only) and Camelbaks – water filling stations and water fountains are available throughout festival grounds
  • YES – Non-professional cameras (without a detachable lens)
  • YES – Single compartment bags, smaller than 17” x 12” x 10” in size (meaning no backpacks of any size)
  • YES – Fannypacks and Jammypacks
  • YES – Bumbershoots (aka Umbrellas and Parasols)
  • YES – Cigarettes and lighters
  • YES – Hats
  • YES – Small beach towels / small blankets
  • YES – Service animals
  • YES – Wheelchairs (manual or electric)
  • YES – Strollers (except in KeyArena and Memorial Stadium)
  • YES – Prescription medication in properly labeled prescription bottles (must match your name on the bottle)