Festivals Suiting Different Moods

You can’t just get up one morning and go to a festival almost as if you were going to break some new record in the gym. That’s not how it works. You need to first know what you like and where you see yourself along with being clear on the kind of music that defines you as a person. Once this is done, take a look at the kind of gatherings and events that happen in the world, some of which, are mentioned here for you categorized under different kinds.


  1. The kind that gives you an adrenaline rush:

You should be attending this kind of festivals to receive inspiration and energy for the times to come ahead. These are the kinds of festivals that will pour an elixir of life to the most dead and silent of souls.



Festivals of this sort are:





AMF Festival


  1.   The kind where you can take a rest and escape:

Some period of the year should be dedicated entirely to do to yourself, what an act of sleeping does to you after a hard day’s work. Unlike the festivals mentioned in pointer number 1, these festivals are not that loud in attitude but still you can find the relevant music in the air. The best part is, most of them are held in more silent corners of the earth and there is always some beautiful aspect of nature in these festivals, that might make you dreamy of being born as an eagle in the next life.



Festivals of this sort are:

WarpMusic festival

Wonderfruit Music Festival


Verbier Festival

Kendal Calling

Isle of wight festival


  1. The kind where you find yourself in a fantasy world:

Being in a festival like this is like falling endlessly into a bottomless pit. Not all forms of enjoyment need to make sense. Sometimes even the most abstract forms of art can appear beautiful and still not make sense. Of course not everyone can empathize with it but one should definitely choose to experience them once in their lives.



Festivals of this sort are:

Experience Kohtao festival

Time Warp Music festival

Electric Land Music Festival



  1. The kind that is solely dedicated to music:

For that specific tribe of people who attend a festival just to get some arena action and see a band display some rocking harmonics with choruses that they can join in too. These are for all the music lovers and musicians out there.



Festivals of this sort are:




Zermatt unplugged



  1. The kind where can hope to find things you never expected:

These are organised to surprise you.



Festivals of this sort are:

Rock N Solex – The afternoon is about motor racing

Guca Trumpet Festival – Almost everyone has a trumpet in there hands.

Waterzonic Festival – Same as any electro dance festival except they have special arrangements to shower water on you continuously while the music is playing.

Wave Gotik – Goth fashion and Goth themes.

Metal Female Voices Fest – Features Bands with female front women only.