Discovery: Bestival


Bestival Music Festival made its debut in 2004 with almost 10000 visitors. Then from 2005 to 2009 the festival consecutively kept on winning the “Best Medium-Sized Festival” in the UK visitors. Thanks to this success the festival scaled up a bit and become big enough to accommodate almost 50000 visitors. This once again caused Bestival to grab the “Best Major Festival” at the UK festival awards in 2010, 2012 and 2015. On top of that, it won the fans favorite festival in 2011 and a ” Best Innovation” award in 2005. I hope this won’t require many words to express why Bestival is an awesome experience for festival visitors.

And before you think once again about the awards then let us remind you again that Bestival is held in UK which is already a host to some of the best music festivals of the globe. According to certain visitors, Bestivals unique experience can be attributed to the design and concepts of the entire event which enables a lot of inspiration which by the evening and night turn into vibes.

So while there is some unique music playing around at some corner of the festival, simultaneously there could be an art workshop or a dance workshop and this causes each of the elements to influence each other continuously. This way it’s not just a party but a pulsating studio cum party which is a mind lab for any artist and entertainment arena for non-artists. Also if you were patient enough to watch the after movie of the festival you could see a section where a gyming session was being conducted by DJs. Now if that’s what you consider some crazy innovation then imagine what could they be doing for the rest of the day after the gym session.

East Lulworth Dorset is the location and September 7 is the date. So if you happen to be close I am sure Bestival is not something you can choose to ignore.