Discovery: Rock en Seine

Rock en Seine

From a long list of names in the music world which include Debussy, Edith Piaf, Yann Tiersen or even Tiesto, it is evident to assume that the French have contributed a great deal to the world of music in all ways. So while the rock season of the festival is blooming in the ways of the German, Sweden, Norway, UK, Switzerland, and Belgium, it is obvious that the French would never choose to get left behind. So without any doubt, Hellfest surely remains a premier metal festival for the French. But for those who love other forms of rock beside hard and heavy take a step right in the heart of the nation (Paris) around August end and choose to explore Rock en Seine Music Festival.

Held in the beautiful  Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, the Château de Saint-Cloud‘s park, Rock en Seine is a rock festival but unlike any other rock music festivals which aim to preserve the authenticity of its style Rock en Seine rather chooses to evolve. So you will your usual dosage or rock you will be served appetizers of Electronic Dance tracks to get your dancing shoes on the roll as well. This adds a great deal to the vibe and more importantly, you have a wider spectrum of audience which contributes to the overall festival experience as a whole.

Not only from the reveler’s point of view but Rock en Seine also has something for a musical scholar as it some intriguing sections which aim to feature some upcoming innovations in musical styles and several workshops which cover other aspects of performance arts besides just music. Also, the festival is very friendly for kids as well as the festival has a separate section dedicated to them as well.

So if by chance you happen to be in France around the last week of August and chances are likely that you will be in Paris then give Rock en Seine a thought.