Discovery: Infest

infest discovery

For the few who have the urge to rave but for some reason are unable to fit into any of the music festivals for some reason or so, please bring your attention towards Infest Music Festival held at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. It provides a vibe which particularly suits the growing underground trends of cyber goth, industrial, futurepop, synthpop and punk in the modes of electronic and also rock in some of the best indoor arrangements.

Infest might not seem that attractive to a normal festival visitor whether it’s on paper or while he is on festival grounds. But it rather seems a pretty interactive atmosphere to the misfits and the rather less noisy type who understand the trends of masks, dreadlocks, latex, mohawks and people who like the same. The culture has sort of a cult following in various internet communities and certain multiplayer games and Infest is the arena which manifests it to the real.

All of this was bought by some students of Bradford University who started it out as a college festival in 1998 and despite such a small opening and moderate budgets have somehow managed to keep it going till this date. This is because the festival served as a great platform for plenty of domestic and international industrial artists to find their audiences.

There is zero element of nature and also camping is not a feature of this festival. And while all elements might suggest it to be very different taste from other premier music festivals. Never the less it still counts as a festival and you can always choose to experience the style even if you are a noob to the trend.

25 August is the date for infest 2017 and Bradford UK is the place. So check this out.