Discovery: The Big Feastival

The Big Feastival

In the style of a UK parish celebrations like that of a Secret Garden Party or a Greenman comes yet another music festival that goes by the name of “The Big Feastival”. But where this festival or rather Feastival becomes a stand out is the fact that it has tons of exciting elements aimed directly at kids and all round family entertainment. All of which are delivered through good food, sports and games, activities, art and of course music adds a cherry to the top when night takes over.

Jamie Oliver and Alex James are the founders of the festival and together are the owners of the “Alex James Farm” in Cotswald in Kingham which is quite a busy and productive land during the rest of the days. As heard in many interviews the love for food was the prime inspiration beind the festival and as the name might itself suggest “The Big Feastival” is one of the best music festivals if you secretly make a trip for the food and food only. Not only is it in the various food stalls but the plenty of food workshops and group cooking activites that contribute to a splendid experience.

This dosent mean that “The Big Feastival” is solely a food project. Infact, after the satisfaction of a great diet music might seem much better and vibrant and in that sense one can anticipate the music quotient of the festival quite different from the rest. Offcourse its not a high octane dance festival and the atmosphere is rather calm and serene but still artists like Louisa Johnson. The Cuban Brothers, Betsy, Cecil and plenty of other diverse artists have choosen to potray their art on its stages.


So Cotswald, Kingham is the location and last week of August is the time. If you planning to gift your little ones a vacation then give “The Big Feastival” a thought.