FAQs : South West Four

South West Four

South West Four 2017 begins from 26 August. Here are a few things you might want to know before going to the festival grounds.


Q: What is the permitted Age group for the festival?

South West Four is an 18 and over the event.  Please make sure that you have ID which you can provide on request.


Q: What is the permitted Age group for alcohol in the event bar inside the festival?

The ‘challenge 25’ policy is in operation at the bars so any person who appears to look younger than 25 may be asked for ID. If they cannot provide suitable ID, the bar will refuse to sell them alcohol.


Q: How big a carry bag can I carry to the festival?

Backpacks, larger purses or bags are not allowed into the event this year. Only ladies purses or clutch bags measuring 4.5in/11.4cm x 6.5in/16.51cm or smaller will be allowed. These will, of course, be subject to a security search on entry.

No liquids or gels are permitted into the event. Empty water bottles may be brought into the site but anything else will be disposed of by security staff. People travelling with toiletries are advised to make alternate storage arrangements off-site.


Q: Is the music festival adequate with provisions for disabled?

The festival is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Please note though that being situated on a green field site it is basically parkland and manoeuvrability is limited as such.

Each of the main toilet blocks in the festival includes disabled toilets, as will the disabled person’s viewing platform.

This disabled person’s viewing platform is for the Main Stage and will provide a great sight line above the crowd to see the acts on stage.


Q: Will there be food stalls in the festival?

No chairs, tables, BBQs or other such articles may be brought into the event site. Alcohol and food are not allowed into the event site. Food, alcohol and drink will be available for purchase within the event. Soft drinks in glass or cans will not be allowed into the event site. You may, however, bring in soft drinks in plastic or paper containers under 500ml for personal consumption.


Q: Are pets allowed?

No animals will be allowed into the Event site except guide dogs for the blind.


Q: Is it allowed to bring camera and photography equipment on the festival ground?

Only non professional digital cameras are allowed, otherwise professional recording equipment is forbidden.


Some Safety Tips:

  • Avoid displaying you phone and valuables unnecessarily.
  • Don’t keep cash, cards and valuables in one place. Spread them out among your pockets and clothing using pockets secured by zips/buttons or in pockets inside jackets where possible. Be aware that in a crowded environment, where contact with other people is unavoidable, thieves will try to unzip/unbutton pockets and bags.
  • Be aware of the behaviour of those around you. Report anything suspicious to a security guard or police officer.
  • Stick with your friends and identify a suitable meeting point so if you do get split up you can find each other even if someone has lost their phone or had it stolen.
  • As soon as you realise that any of your property is missing, inform both the venue’s security and police immediately. Do not wait until you get home. South West Four has a clearly marked lost property area located next to the main entrance.
  • Contact your network provider to ask for the SIM card and handset to be blocked. Telephone numbers can be found on http://www.nmpcu.police.uk/network-numbers.php
  • Register your mobile phone IMEI number and the serial numbers of other valuables for FREE on www.immobilise.com or similar property registration sites
  • Activate you phone’s security code so that the phone can only be used in-putting this code.
  • Back up all your contacts and data before you leave home.