Discovery: Utopia Island

Utopia Island

Utopia Island is not a real island.

It indirectly refers to a turquoise blue lake and whose surrounding areas are capable of delivering an experience similar to life in a Utopian Island. This celebration takes place around the second week of August in Moosburg Germany which is at an easy 55km from Munich International Airport. Utopia Island in short words can be categorized as all the ingredients of a great beach party (even though you are on a beach).

The festival made its debut in 2003 as a sporting event and over the years turned into a culture and music festival. As of today, the festival is a host to 5 stages for local and mainstream artists from all over the globe. The organizers have coined a collective term for this complete gathering of artists and revellers which goes by the name of aquapark, which is designed to hold plenty of water activities around its vicinity.

The festival has no fixed genre and is known to host artists from various diverse styles lined up to suit the mood at the characteristic hour of the day. Martin Garrix will be one of the big names performing in 2017s edition and the tradition of a German EDM party the dance floor will always deliver the pump of your expectations.

You should consider the festival even if you are not an EDM fan. The community activities and other elements of the festival trace a complete lifestyle of its own. Camping is pretty easy in this festival and will be surrounded by plenty of food and beverage stalls as the festival pays close attention to culinary treats as an important part of the festival experience.

So pack all the ingredients of a beach holiday along with those sunglasses because a major part of the fun takes place under the sunshine. Evenings end up in sleep with dance being the last activity of the day.