FAQs: M’era Luna

Here, you will find answers to your queries related to the M’era Luna Festival.


 When do the gates open at M’era Luna?

Gates open Friday at 11:00

Are there any age restrictions?

Children 6 or under are not allowed at M’era Luna, and those 18 or under must carry written permission with them at all times. This can be downloaded from the festival’s official site.

Will ticket purchase be only online or are tickets available on site?

Tickets are available online only

Is indigestion of drugs permitted?

Drugs are strictly prohibited in the festival.

What is to be expected from the weather?

One can expect the weather to be rather sunny and humid during this time of the year though nothing uncomfortable. Also, water points are provided at the festival grounds for proper hydration of the revelers.

Where can I go shopping if I forget to bring something?

This year, there will also be the “Uncle Emma” shop on the festival grounds, where you can get everything your festival heart desires.
What is not permitted on the campsite?
Objects which can lead to injury are, of course, prohibited. (Weapons of all kinds, glass bottles, fireworks, grills) drugs are also prohibited. Also Bello unfortunately has to stay at home, since also animals are not allowed. Open fire is also prohibited. There is a public barbeque where you can cheer your food.
What’s the security?
There will be security personnel on the site to make sure no criminal activities take place. Also, you can follow the following suggestions for your own safety:
• Close your car well and leave no valuables obvious.
• Do not take any items that are not allowed to be lost.
• Join your friends or acquaintances to help you keep an eye on your things.
• Mark your stuff (also your tent) clearly visible with your name and address. With well marked things no thief can start.
• Do not leave valuables unattended in the tent, always carry your mobile phone and camera with you.
• Distribute your valuables well in the tent when you sleep and do not collect in a bag that is – even if you have them in the tent – quickly gone.
What’s the facility for handicapped or medically unfit?
VIP campsites for guests with a handicap card. In these places you can camp next to your vehicles and you will be able to build disabled sanitary facilities. If you have a “B” in your identity card, this entitles you to bring a companion free of charge. Without B in the ID card it is not possible to bring friends into this area.

Are pets permitted at the festival?

No kinds of domestic animals are permitted on the festival grounds