Discover: M’era Luna

Germany, a country that shares a long  history with the metal genre, feels pride to host one of the best metal festivals every year since 2000 – M’era Luna. M’era Luna is a metal festival concentrating but not limited to the Goth sub-genre (fusion of heavy metal with dark gothic rock) of Metal music and takes place annually on the second weekend of August  in HildesheimGermany at Flugplatz Hildesheim-Drispenstedt,[1] a former British Army airbase. The festival boasts about hosting big names of the metal world like Marylin Manson, Apocalypta, Tool, Diary of Dreams and this year’s headliner – Korn.

Popular among the metalheads of Europe, the festival isn’t just pocket friendly but also provides camping facilities to the revelers, offering them with the opportunity to have a fun weekend with fellow metalheads sharing beer and stories. You can expect to find over 20,000-25,000 metalheads on the grounds of this festival so no wonder how crazy it can get when bands like Tool perform for the audience. The festival offers two different stages – a large rock festival style structure erected for the show each year, and a former aircraft hangar (oh yeah! exciting enough?).

This year’s edition of the festival takes place from 12th-13th August and prices start from €30 and the packages go on from there. The festival organizers have provided the facilities for food, drinking water points, stalls for shopping all the gothic merchandise and also offer camping equipment for cheap prices.

You can expect to find people dressed up in gothic outfits (black! black! black! and black!) with those leather tights, long hair and ready to head-bang to the lineup. So, what are you waiting for? Already start warming up your neck muscles for the sports of headbanging, its necessary!