Best Music Crowds To Perform To

Live performance

 Best music crowds to perform too:

(for aspiring rock stars and established musicians who are yet to be rockstars)


Sometimes a good piece of music simply means that point in life when time virtually stops and you actually live in the present waiting to hear the very next note the melody has to offer. It needs no awards or youtube likes or sales. Something that can rock the soul out in a lifeless but still alive person. For that, you need to have some real rockstar luck and have a great stage but more importantly a great crowd which will join you for your vibe. Which is why rock and metal festivals exist on the planet. And if you haven’t dreamt of earning a stage on one of these festival grounds, then rethink what you are going after.


Here is a list of a few musical performances from some of the best rock and metal festivals to some of the best crowds that will give you something to write on your to-do list of life.


1.  Slipknot (Download 2009):


2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Lollapaloza 2014):


3. Iron Maiden  (Rock in Rio 2001)


4. Nightwish (Live Wacken 2013)


5.   Linkin Park (Live in Rio Lisboa 2014) 


6. Imagine Dragons  (Life is beautiful 2015):


7. Paramore live (Rock Am Ring 2013)


  8.  Nirvana ( Reading Rock festival 1992)            


9.   Justin Bieber (V festival)


           (just kidding lol!!)


10.   Scorpions (Hellfest 2015)



           And number 10 my friends is the highest form of happiness humanity can achieve.