The Swedish Men-Free Festival

For Women Only

The Swedish Man Free festival and its future implications:



while in Bravalla

Recently, a string of incidents relating to obscenity and misconduct with women took place in some Swedish music festivals. Following which, Swedish women are struck with rage.

Then the rage took over the platform of twitter where you are supposed to express every emotion in just 140 words.


Yes this lady

Emma Knyckare – a Swedish comedian – “took it to another level by suggesting that men should be excluded from all music festivals.”

And now, it is actually is going to happen.


The Aftermath:

Due to this, there is now a hotbed of opinions and debates over this idea, by men on all the social media platforms. These people have devoted precious 5 to 10 minutes of their lives, explaining why this is an evil idea and have gone forward to do it logically, by using terms like sexism, feminism, etc. and even ‘menism’ too.

What.!!! No music festival for us!!!

Men are usually unreactive to such situations but the fact that they are responsive this time clearly indicates that they are scared. Also, the Swedish women made a point and indirectly hinted that men at times, can be redundant creatures.


Now, let us try not to judge this decision from an ethical point of view and rather anticipate what the future implications of this could be:


Change of attitude in men towards other women in music festivals:

Men’s only reason of protest

Either they will be enraged and be more aggressive towards other women in music festivals, which, in the end, will cause those particular festivals to be men-free festivals, following the style of the Swedish.

Or they will fear lettung out their animal instincts and become human again, keeping the fear in mind that all music festivals of the world might turn men-free and that might just be an apocalypse for music festivals. Men might also choose to go ahead and organize men-only festivals for themselves but that’s like visiting a merry go round in the name of a roller coaster.

But somewhere, the rage of men on the internet is justified. They can go ahead and call it sexist or blast huge opinions about it, but at the end of the day, if you pick one of them out and ask rationally to their faces, “Do you have a method to stop such easy-to-get-away but still hideous crimes?”

ummmmm …

There will mostly be blank faces like above.


The Bottom line:

There is no reason to be scared because no music festival is complete without the equal contribution of both men and women. Both the sexes miss the company of the other equally. But sure, no one misses the company of a sexual assaulter.

So, be a good reveller and learn to spread smiles.