Planning for a vacation?

Or maybe, planning for a music festival?

Done with the mainstream music festivals that dig a big hole in your pockets and want to explore other options?

Poor search results annoying you in your discovery?

Check out this list of awesome music festivals straight out of a dream, that you might not have heard of.




When:  2nd week of July

Where: Trena, Nordland County, Norway

Price:   250 to 300 euros


In the most silent corners of mother nature lies the more so ever silent municipality of Treana in Nordland County, Norway. There is a phase for this place from mid-May to mid-July where you can see the sun even at midnight and it is at this time of the year, that a few people organize a gathering which looks like this.








So, in a summary, here are a few pointers that would help you visualise Treana Music festival clearly:

Trekking and Mountain climbing. View of the ocean from top of the cliffs. A high possibility of coming across about 180 different species of birds. Super talented artists playing music that best suits your surroundings and aesthetics.

Apart from all that, the island is just a small colony of fishers so it’s not a city but not a deserted mess either. So be confident of the arrangements and camping environment.




When : July end to August first week

Where: Dádpuszta, 7015 Hungary

Price:  250 to 300 Euro


The colours, the music, the art, the activities, the designs, the formations, the dance and anything witnessed, at any moment of time, within the premise of this festival will make “Lord Of The Rings” and other fictional universes look like lollipop.

The festival is held on a simple and moderate location without any beach or fancy mountain or a winter valley. Despite of that, its organizers and participants have proved the point that sometimes a great celebration is born from inside the creative corners of the brain.

You will get a tremendous mother nature vibe inside its premise and the only parts where you actually see technology is in the lighting display, music amplification and wherever art and culture might have scope to accommodate it.

Good camping skills would come in handy though.

P.S: You get a free ticket if you choose to bring and take full responsibility of a disabled person.



FIBER festival:

When: 2nd week of May

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price:   200 to 250 Euros


Those who say art and science are two different things without any scope for synergies, just tell them about this thing called FIBER Festival. It is more like the beginning of a small university that cares more about knowledge and less about the individual.

This is a must attend festival for any coder and programming enthusiast. While O.Z.O.R.A festival mentioned above will give you a natural and spiritual vibe, Fiber Festival is equally compelling on why technological advancements and its pursuits are equally a gift to humanity.



Best Kept Secret:

When:  Mid June

Where: Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek

Price: 150 to 200 Euros



Sometimes a simple line-up and low arrangements, done with careful and proper analysis, can alone make a music festival awesome. “Best Kept Secret” as the name might suggest, is a festival hidden in plain sight on the world wide web.









Compared to other top festivals, what “Best Kept Secret” has to offer is some clean environment, excellent lodging facilities (camps and cottages), systematic modes of access, and good food arrangements. Add to that the flavor that a group of good performers bring, and what you get is an experience of a lifetime.


Festival Number 6:

When: September First Week

Where: Portmeirion United Kingdom

Price:  200 to 300 Pounds


Some of the activities like – heliosphere (where a dancer/acrobat is suspended to a hot air balloon), paddle boating in group and walking amidst the most colourful carnival – are there for you within the same premises of this must-attend festival. Following which, when the sun sets, you are blessed with some beautiful music performances, with dance and other art-forms combined.

With some top notch security and systematic accommodation plans, varying from tents to caravans to hotels, Festival Number 6 also lets you bring your own alcohol (to a certain amount) and arrangements to cook your own food. At the same time there is no age restriction and it is a totally family friendly event, in fact, it would feel like a family get-together.


So, get out of your couch. After all, you now have some planning to do!!