FAQs: Zurich Open Air

Zurich Open Air

Here are a few things you might want to know before attending Zurich Open Air:

  • Alchohol Policy?

We adhere to the legal regulations:
– no alcohol to young people under 16 years
– no spirits to persons under 18 years


  • Bringing Drinks to the Campsite?

A maximum of 3 liters of drinks per person can be taken. All containers except glass bottles are permitted. There will also be potable tap water for sanitary installations.


  • Will there be special arrangements for wheelchair bound people?

There is also a platform for unrestricted music enjoyment for persons in wheelchairs and their accompaniment. There are also specially marked toilets.


  • Status of Sanitary Facilities around the campsite?

There are water-rinsed toilets at the festival grounds and camping grounds. A cleaning crew ensures clean facilities around the clock.


  • Will there be any noise proof zones inside the festival premises?

Protection Free hearing protection is available at all bars and at the Info-Point. For children, it is recommended to bring appropriate ear protection. No liability is accepted for hearing damage.


  • Will there be any arrangements to lock valuables?

There are limited, payable lockers (CHF 2.00 per opening) available at the campsite and on the festival grounds. Here too, of course, “first come, first serve” applies.


  • Are there any age limitations?

Individuals of all ages are welcome to the festival site
Visitors under 16 years of age require confirmation from the parents.

Check-out at check-in At check-out at check-in , age checks are carried out (+ 16 / + 18) – without official ID such as ID, passport or driving license we can not leave you on the ground


  • Will there be space to put up camper vans?

The camping site is limited and serves exclusively for tents. Therefore camping with the van or caravan is not possible on the pitch.


  • A list of things you cannot bring to the campsite?

Alcohol more than 3 litres per person.

Cooking utilities.

Selfie Sticks.


Video cameras or Photography Cameras

Fireworks or Firelanterns

Deo sprays

Loudspeakers or Air Horns