Discover: Eclipse Festival

Eclipse Festival is a contemporary electronic music festival held in Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau in Quebec, Canada. It originated in 1999 as an indoors festival, moving outdoors in 2003 before finally moving the festival site to the current location.  It features a symbiosis of dance, open philosophies, performance art, human (and spiritual) experiences.

It is one of the premier North American psychedelic festivals, that offers a scenic and benevolent atmosphere in the serene forests beside the crystal clear Gatineau river. The essence of the festival is its rustic roots and its tranquility. The programme will include over 25 international artists and 100 North American artists on 3 electronic-music stages in futuristic decors and immersive visuals, catering to individuals of varied tastes from psychedelic and electrifying atmosphere of the Solar Stage to the intimate air and minimalistic dubstep of the Lunar Stage.

For individuals seeking relaxation and meditation, there are various grounding areas and a therapeutic zone where individuals can revel in meditation and peace. This resting space is conceived to inspire relaxation and well-being, a calm and meditative place to softly re-center yourself. Anyone looking for a calm relaxing swim to break away from the festivities can head to the beach at the camp site. The festival aims to reunite the individual with earth and provide a mystical and out of the ordinary experience.

The festival is also host to various conferences that are philosophical and intellectually stimulating. At night, visually appealing laser shows and performances by the Mystika Circus give the festival a vibrant air and sets it apart from the other similar festivals. It is a transformational experience with technological arts, contemporary electronic music, dance, alternative philosophies, Mother Nature and your own self.


If you are looking for an other-worldly experience full of scintillating electronic music combined with rustic natural beauty, Eclipse Festival offers you this and much more!