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zurich open air

Zurich is the Wealthiest city in Europe.

It was ranked number one in terms of quality of living in 2012 by Monocle. And twice by other surveys in 2006 and 2008. It is enough to make you realize that in some ways Zurich is the king of all cities on the globe.

Not only that but Zurich International Airport is also on the list of most loved airports across the globe. One crunch reason for this could be the fact that in its very close vicinity during the penultimate week of August Zurich Open Air Music Festival takes place.

On Second Saturday of August, Zurich is a host to Street Parade which is one of the largest techno parties in the world. And just when you are thinking the city needs some rest, out pops in the penultimate week of August itself

Zurich Open Air Music Festival

That’s right. There are some cities which never sleep and then there is Zurich.

Zurich OpenAir kind of appears to be the most disciplined and still most expressive Music festival in the world. Assuming how Swiss winters are, the festival gives a great vibe under the afternoon sun where you can gulp beer, hover through the various food stalls, get your calories charged up for an evening of techno music, where you can dance or take vibe to other indie music playing around at other stages. The playlist gets diverse every year but never failing to maintain the usual rhythm of a techno tempo.

Other things worth noticing are the management, security, the technical qualities and an overall temperament of the visitors. Unlike other music festivals Zurich Open Air has succeeded in preventing festival disasters and incidents of major miss conduct and is managed to install that inspiring spirit of celebration within its site every year.

So out of all the inspirations, you might receive in life, keep in mind that one of the best things you can gift yourself is an August in Zurich.