Discover BoomTown Fair

Boomtown Fair

BoomTown Fair is Music and arts festival held in Winchester, England. Founded in 2009 Boomtown Fair has now expanded and grown to a festival with 23 stages with the ability to hold a capacity of almost 60,000. It is a multi genre music and arts festival. Apart from the music Boomtown fair can also be noted for its other various exhibits which nearly all individuals with even the most simple taste can connect to.

Boomtown Fair can be placed in the same category as an OZORA, Shambhala or even Burning Man Music Festival. The festival aims at creating a virtual world with its own rules and laws. Of course, there aren’t any laws but the ethos is constructed with the aim of evoking out the most honest and liberated forms of self-expression one can deliver. So while Burning Man’s Black Rock City and its emotions are built around the core system of its laws, Boomtown Fair has an already pre existing world whose vibe can be felt on how you choose to interact with it.


This makes role playing an important factor in the festival and its one of the best festivals in terms of experimenting with various identities if that’s something you interested in doing. For this reason, there are many different zones inside the festival which simulate a particular time of situation of the world, like a wild wild west themed area where you can experience the vibe in the form of music, art, drama and dance and enact like a character from that universe. Keeping this in mind you must keep this festival in your list of favourites if you like to celebrate fashion and cosplay because it is prevalent here in abundance.

Apart from that the stages for music and the very diverse lineups are designed to unite all revellers are one. You can easily find your favourite genre of music as dictated by your mood at that point in time. One very subtle and important thing to notice would be the individual trapeze, Acrobat, Mime or fire artists are scattered at various points across the festival. This is something that always keeps the energy levels pumped up and constantly gives you inspiration on how to interact with the music and the situation as a whole in ways you could have never come up with.

So if you are one of those who likes to build up imaginary characters in your mind then Boomtown is the answer to the escape you are seeking. Off course even if you are not building up imaginary characters in your head Boomtown still has a ton of things to offer to you.