Budget Planner: Zurich Open Air

zurich Open Air

Zurich Open Air kick starts from 23rd August and will last until 26th August. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind relating to the overall budget of the festival.

Travel: Let us say from any major airport in India

Total cost for a to and fro trip: Approximately Rs 950000


Accommodation: Assuming you would require 2 days external accommodation off from the festival site in an average quality hotel

Cost: Rs 60000


Traveling to the festival site: The festival site is at a walking distance to the Zurich airport and even the closest relevant station. So otherwise, the cost would include the taxi fare from your hotel room to the destination.

Cost: Negligible


Festival Tickets Including camping charges for the stay:

Cost: 17000


Miscellaneous example food trips, beverages, camping gear, makeup etc:

Cost: Rs 10000 (subjective to the limits of partying of different people)


So an overall splendid experience at Zurich Open Air will roughly cost you:

Rs 182000