Budget Planner: Boomtown Music Festival

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Here is an overview of the budget plan that might help you plan your travel at Boomtown Music Festival.


Reaching Southampton from your nearest Airport

Cost for a to and fro trip: around Rs 110000 approx.


Reaching Festival Site from external modes:

Cost for all 4-day trips to the festival: Rs 2000 approx.


Festival Tickets including basic camping and transportation charges:

Cost for all 4 day trip to the festival: Rs 20000 approx.


Off Site Accommodation:

Cost for an average Hotel in Winchester for 4 days: Rs 20000 approx.



Costs for camping gears, site food and beverages, purchases: Rs 10000 approx


Keeping everything in mind it turns out one can experience Boomtown Fair with its basic amneties roughly at around Rs 180000.