Travel Guide: Echelon Music Festival

Echelon Travel

Bad Abiling City and Echelon Music Festival is a very easily accessible point for a music festival. Munich is the closest city to the venue. Here are a few ways by which you can reach the spot:

By Train:

Bad Abiling

The destination train station is “Bad Aibling”, from here you can easily reach the Echelon Open Air & Indoor Festival with the festival shuttle buses.

The Echelon site is not far from the train station, within 15min you could also this walk well on foot. Just use the signposted footpath.

Travel By Car:

Bad Abiling Road

Parking spaces are plentiful and neatly organized around Echelon festival site. The routes can be chosen clearly from Munich and other surrounding cities.

Travel By Bus:

Bad Aibiling Bus

The festival organizers have collaborated with various travel agencies and the various modes can be accessed here.

Apart from that Echelon Festival Shuttles run from various points scattered around Munich whose tickets can be accessed here.

Reaching By Plane:

 munich airways

If you are planning to attend this festival from overseas locations then Munich Airport would be your preferred destination following which you can stick to the above travel plans.

Flights are readily available and schedules from your nearest airport can be accessed here.