FAQs: Yaga Gathering

Yaga Gathering

The festival ticket packages at Yaga Gathering are pretty simple and it is very easy to understand the basic rules and regulations of the festival. However, there are still a few questions you might want to make note of:

Does the festival offer pre-pitched tent facilities?

No. Camping and its essentials at Yaga Gathering is totally the responsibility of the reveler. It is recommended you take a few experienced people in that department and do plenty of research before the event.

Will the festival site have food stalls?

Yes. There will be chaishops selling freshly cooked traditional food items along with beverages like coffee and tea. Also, the festival will serve 5 different types of beers including the traditional “Gira” of bread drink.

Are children allowed?

Yes, children are allowed but obviously accompanied by adults. Also, there are designated areas for children where children can be left behind under excellent supervision by the festival officials.

Is it allowed to put up a fire?

Fires are allowed but they must be specially designated and monitored at all times. At that time of the year, the festival is highly prone to a forest fire so it must be done carefully.

Any Smoking Policies?

Cigarettes are allowed anywhere in the festival but once again it is recommended to have ashtrays and some concern for the forest before disposing of the cigarette butts.


Bio-toilets will be ready for use across the site. Please use them to prevent toilet paper spreading in the forest and save those wandering around from stepping on your excrements. If you still decide to do your natural needs in the forest – no problem, but please follow a good example of our smaller brothers – bury it after yourself.

Are there any shower provisions?

There will be few cold showers at the site. Please use only environment-friendly soaps and shampoos.

Can I bring my dogs to the festival?

Please refrain from bringing your dog to the festival. The event is growing and more people do like to bring their pets to the event, but this creates some problems and undermines safety feeling of general participants, especially those with children. If you will decide to bring your dog to the festival, please keep it on a leash at all times.