FAQs : Pukkelpop


Pukkelpop 2017 kick starts on the 16th of August. Here are a few questions you might have in mind before going:


What’s the minimum age for attendance?

There is no minimum or maximum age: everybody is welcome at Pukkelpop! Please note that there is no special accommodation or no special ticket prices for little children.

What is prohibited at the festival site?
Beverage cartons, bottles with screw caps, glass, cans, camel bags, drugs, sharp objects, alcohol, animals, sound -, film -, video – and photo equipment, drones, selfie sticks, fires and any other objects which may be considered dangerous by the organization.

The organizers reserve the right to search bags and people at the entrance to the festival grounds. You’ll also have to pass a walk-through metal detector. Visitors who refuse to cooperate or who are found in the possession of drugs or narcotics will be banned from the festival.

Alcohol at Pukkelpop?
The festival does not serve drinks with more than 0.5% alcohol to people under 16; so a beer isn’t possible.It is prohibited to serve liquor to people between 16 and 18.Bringing your own alcohol to the festival site is strictly prohibited.
Food and drinks at the festival site?
Yes, various types of food from various cuisines and a variety of beverages can be found at the festival site.
How can one choose to be a volunteer?
Currently, Pukkelpop is not seeking to work with any individual volunteers.
Are pets allowed?
Animals are not allowed on the festival site except for assistant dogs as service to people with disabilities.
Why are campers not granted access to other camp sites?
To maximize comfort and safety, each campsite has a maximum capacity. That means that no more than a maximum number of people will be allowed on the various campsites.
Are tickets to Pukkelpop available on other websites as well?
 Only buy Pukkelpop tickets via www.pukkelpop.be or www.proximusgoformusic.be.
Is there a waiting list for late ticket seekers?
Sorry, there is no waiting list one can subscribe too. However, there is an exchange feature of tickets whose info is available here.
What can you do with your ticket if you are not able to attend the festival for some reason?
You can put it up for resale at the exchange feature on pukkelpop’s website.
How to pay for Pukkelpop 2017 tickets?
In Belgium you can pay with Bancontact, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. In the Netherlands you can pay with iDeal, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.  In the rest of the world you can pay with Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. All tickets must be paid when ordered online.