FAQs: Greenman

Green Man Music festival

Greenman is a pretty simple festival with some very clear goals and simple promises. However, it is insisted you go through some basic questions many of you might be having in mind:

Smoking Policy at Greenman?

Please use the cigarette butt pouches, available from the concession stalls, rather than dropping them.  Smoking in the UK is now banned in all public places and  Greenman site is also a part of it.

Is it allowed to construct a fire?

Camping stoves, barbecues on legs are completely fine but please refrain from hosting your own campfire soirées or using cheap disposable barbecues that ruin our luscious green carpet.

Is it allowed to bring Boomboxes or speakers?

It is recommended to leave behind any external loud music devices as there will be plenty of music around the festival sites and speakers in the camping site might deviate the camping experience the festival intends to give.

Drinks packaged in glass bottles?

It’s heavy and dangerous, so stick to plastic and cans, please. You’re more than welcome to bring your own assemblage of ales and tonics on to the site but please note that it won’t be permitted into the entertainment areas.

Water Facilities?

Drinking water is provided throughout the festival site. You do not need to bring numerous heavy loads of water and hence plastic. Bring your own bottles to refill or purchase one at the Green Man shop.

Will there be food on the site?

Plan to eat out at the various amazing food stalls as much as possible when onsite, all of which provide compostable food ware and fair trade produce.

Will waste disposal supplies be provided?

Upon arrival you will be provided at the box offices with several plastic bags. Clear bags are for recycling! Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Cans and Glass. Black bags are for non-recyclable waste.

Age Limits if any?

There are no age limits of any kind however, it is very important to carry a valid identity card or student card if applicable. Also children aged below 7 require a little folk ticket and the company of an adult (21 years or older).