Accommodation: Pukkelpop

Elli Goulding

Pukkelpop is a great festival to pitch a tent to. Camping prices are included in the festival ticket packages itself. There are special camping packages if you are a relatively inexperienced camper or seek some special experiences. Based on the campsite rules and regulations and other information you can plan your accommodation accordingly.

The festival location and its easy accessibility to the main city make accommodation in hostels and hotels easier too. Also, there are some hotels included in the festival packages itself. Check a few out:

Eurotel Lanaken:

eurohotel Lanken

Carbon Hotel, Genk:

Carbon Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Hasselt

Holiday Express Inn

Vous Le Vous Hotel:

Vous Le Vous





Hostel H:

Hostel H


Popup Hostel Semermaes:

Hostel Semmermes

Huis Over Grenzen:

Huis Over grenzen

Leige Youth Hostel:

Liege Youth Hostel

Ajmj Dormitory Helecine:

AJMJ Dormitory