When do the gates open and close at Ozora?

Gates open on the 28th of July Friday 10 am.
Gates close on the 8th of August Tuesday 12 pm.

 Can I pay in Euros?
Yes, you can use both Euros and Forints.

 How old do I have to be to be allowed to take part in the festival?
Under 18 can only get into the festival with a person who is over 18 and takes responsibility for you, children under 14 can only get access with parental supervision. Under 14 entry is free.

Is there a limited number of tickets?
Yes. Limit: 25000 pre-sales + 5000 at the gate.

If I arrive a day or two later, can I still get tickets at the gates?

You can get tickets anytime at the gates from July 30, 10 am onwards.

Are there ATM cash machines to withdraw money from at the festival?

No. It’s better if you withdraw money at the airport or on your way to the festival. There are only ATMs in Simontornya and some nearby towns.

Is indigestion of drugs permitted?

No, it’s prohibited by the festival organizers as well as is illegal by the Hungarian law. Do it at your own risk.

What to expect from the weather?

You can expect a hot and sunny weather. It is recommended to have a few packets of electrolyte supplements and sunscreen at hand. Please take time to cool down regularly.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

It is not advised but allowed. If you do bring them, please look after them at all times! Please provide water for them! Please clean up after them! Please make sure they have collars with identification tags with contact information in case they get lost! Please don’t bring your dog if it is aggressive or in heat!

What programs are there for children?

Children can participate in any of the programs that are safe for them, including arts, crafts and movement workshops, theater, puppet and circus shows in the Magic Garden area. There are also special children’s programs for the littlest Ozorians, games and fun in the the fairytale playground world of Bushyland.

If I have questions or need help at the festival, where should I go?

Info Point at the crossroads of the Market Area, near Adam and Eve.