Things You Need To Know: Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival

If you’re someone who loves music and is passionate about their music festivals, then Latitude Festival is a key highlight in your calendar. Simply put, Latitude is hands down one of the most highly revered music festivals among its peers. The woodland stages, the magnificent campsites all add to the allure of this festival.

But just like most great things in life, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to ensure you have a fantastic time at the festival without encountering unnecessary hassle in your experience, things like:


1. Campsite Timings: 

Latitude Festival

Opening: Thursday 13th July at 14:00 until Monday 17th July at 13:00.


2. Arena Timings: 

Latitude Festival

Opening: Thursday 13th July 17:00 – 03:00.

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th July 10:00 – 03:00.

Please note: Opening times and running orders are subject to change without warning, all changes will be shown at the Information Tents, published in locations onsite and posted online.


3. Age Restrictions


  • Children 0 – 4 years do not need a ticket. Children 5 – 12 years need a Child Ticket in order to attend. Teenagers who are between 13 – 15 years need an Accompanied Teen Ticket. These are available to purchase at the same time as Regular Weekend Tickets.
  • Under 10s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over at all times.
  • Teenagers 16 and over must have a Standard Weekend Ticket. All under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over 18 years old and this adult must remain on site throughout the weekend. Those wishing to stay in the Family Campsite must have children 16 years or younger in the group.
  • Age restrictions apply. Proof of age/ID may be required.

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4. Things You Can’t Bring

ITEM  Arena     Campsite


Aerosols over 250ml N N
Airhorns and megaphones N N
Alcohol N Y
(not excessive amounts)
Animals (Other than Guide Dogs or Hearing Dogs) N N
Any Alcohol in possession of anyone under 18 N N
Any Good for unauthorised trading N N
Any Good with unauthorised Latitude festival logos N N
Any items which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person N N
Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon N N
Blowtorches N N
Cameras, film or video equipment Y
(Lens <6″)
(Lens <6″)
Camping Equipment N Y
Cans N Y
Deodorant Roll On Y Y
Disposable barbeques N Y
Drinks Bottles (other than sealed plastic water/soft drinks bottles under 500ml or sealed cartons of Juice) N Y
Drones N N
Electrical Generators (including in Campervans) N N
Excessive Amounts of Cigarettes (more than personal consumption) N N
Excessive Amounts of Food (more than personal consumption) N N
Firewood N N
Fireworks/Pyrotechnics N N
Flags with Poles Y Y
Flags without Poles Y Y
Flares/Distress Flares N N
Food Hampers / Cool Bag / Boxes (if food is for personal consumption) N Y
Gazebos N Y
Generators (Exemption for generators in caravans) N N
Glass N N
Illegal Substances N N
Laser Pens N N
Leatherman Multi Tools N Y
Legal Highs N N
Medication (if accompanied by a doctor’s note / prescription or if it is recognisable) Y Y
New Psychoactive Substances(NPS) N N
Nitrous Oxide and any associated equipment (Balloons, Co2 dispensers, cream dispensers) N N
Oversized Lighters N N
Paper Lanterns N N


5. Tourist Information Points

Latitude Festival

The Tourist Information Centres have been replaced by a new Visitor Information Point (VIP) Network. This VIP network has been introduced to meet the changing way visitors access information.

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Latitude Festival

The following forms of identification are accepted:

•    A Passport (not a photocopy)
•    An EU Photocard
•    Driving Licence
•    A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram
•    A Ministry of Defence identity card
•    A National identity card issued by an EU member state