FAQs: Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Are there water points on the site?

Yes, there are plenty free water points located around the main arenas/fields and campsites at Camp Bestival  Just bring a reusable plastic bottle to fill up.

Can I leave the festival site and then come back in?
Yes, you will be allowed to re-enter the festival site as long as you have a valid wristband on. Please note there is no re-entry after midnight on any nights so please make sure you have everything you need from your cars in the evening.

Are there lockers on site?
Yes, there are. Leaving valuables in your tent can be risky so please make use of our secure storage locker facilities on site.

I want to bring my baby/babe in arms – do they need a ticket?
They do need a ticket however, their tickets are free and can be ordered at the same time as when you buy your tickets. They can also be added on free of charge to an existing ticket order if needed by contacting Ticketline or your point of purchase.

I might miss a payment on my Weekly Payment Plan – what should I do?
Please contact Ticketline as soon as possible and they will be able to re-arrange your missed payment. They can also let you know your ticket payment balance and how many payments you have left to make: Ticketline: 0844 888 4420  (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm or Saturday 10am-1pm)

Where can I get a Site Map?
The 2017 Site Map will be available around a week before the festival, meanwhile check the 2016 Site Map here:
Download the 2016 Camp Bestival sitemap now.

Do I have to book in advance for any of the entertainment?
A few things have to be booked in advance, so it’s good to pop by the tents and see the people running workshops and classes to put your name down to attend.Most entertainment and shows on the site are all free and you can simply turn up, get yourself a nice spot, relax and enjoy! However, it is advisable to arrive nice and early so you have plenty of time to find a good spot and don’t have to rush around.