FAQs: Dominator Festival

Dominator Festival

Should I get accommodation near the event, or will I be able to get back to Amsterdam, or elsewhere, after the event finishes?

You will be able to get back to Amsterdam but an accommodation near the event is the best, you don’t want to travel a lot after a lot of drowsiness.

How hard is it to get tickets? 

Easy, via the internet but it’s fast selling so grab a one as soon you can.

check here

Can I buy tickets at the actual event?

Tickets never go on sale at the official selling places but you can get tickets from platforms like ticket swap. But for this festival, I think it’s worth every penny of the original price.

Not yet sure who you will bring to the festival?

Don’t worry. You need to personalise your tickets before the 14th of July. This means you’ll have until that time to personalise your tickets.

The minimum age for dominator festival?

The minimum age for Dominator is 18 years. This means you need to be 18 years of older at the day of the event. They won’t make any exceptions on this. Make sure you bring a valid id card. No id means no entrance!

The drugs policy at Dominator is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are not allowed.

Can we bring cameras?

All sorts of cameras are allowed at Dominator Festival. Bring yours and spam the internet! Don’t forget to add the official hashtag #dominator2017.

Car parking?

There are plenty of parking spaces next to the event terrain. Parking tickets are only available at the parking entrance and can only be paid cash.

Is there shuttle service at Dominator Festival?

There is a shuttle service between Eindhoven railway station and dominator festival. The first shuttle buses depart at 10:00 am from Eindhoven and they will continue driving to and fro throughout the event. Make sure to leave on time if you want to catch the last train at Eindhoven central stations! We highly recommend getting your tickets in presale. A return shuttle bus ticket costs € 8.00 (excl. Fee).

How to subscribe to the dominator WhatsApp updates?

Add art of dance (+31682590703) to your address book and send us a WhatsApp message with ‘whatsapp on en’ for English, ‘whatsapp on de’ for German or ‘whatsapp on nl’ for Dutch. If you see two blue ticks you’re subscribed.