Wacken Open Air Is Building A Beer Pipeline

Wacken Open Air

Wacken Open Air, quite rightfully is the biggest metal festival in the world, that’s not even in terms of the size of the venue, or the gigantic number of people that attend it every year. It’s the sheer scale of the event, the craziness, the outlandish outfits, and quite importantly, the beer. Tonnes upon tonnes of beer.

Given that Wacken takes place in Germany, it’s widely acknowledged that Germany comes second to none when it comes to consumption of beer. And Metalheads are popularly infamous for their beer drinking consumption talents given that they can drink ungodly amounts of it and still have the sense of time and place to fully enjoy Amon Amarth wrecking the stage, while wildly shoving and jumping around everyone in a mosh pit.

Now, Wacken Open Air, in a bid to maintain their status as the biggest metal festival in the world, has taken it one step further and built an entire pipeline dedicated to beer.

Wacken Open Air According to Metal Insider that the reasons are both practical and environmental. The pipeline will transport 400,000 litres of beer and allow for six beers to be poured every second from one centralised system instead of having to truck in keg after keg and worry about re-tapping them constantly.

That is a win any way you look at it, all this sophisticated engineering, for what you ask? For Metal, of course.