Camping Guide to Splendour In The Grass

Splendour In The Grass

By now, most mainstream music festivals have reached a point of saturation where almost all of them look the same, feel the same and even boast similar line-ups. Splendour In The Grass stands out like a sore thumb among all festivals as it offers a variety of music like no other festival and campsites so ridiculously fun that they occasionally become too distracting for their own good.

However, the numerous ticket packages can get a little too confusing, so we’ve come up with a brief guide so as to you can spend that hard-earned mullah in the most efficient way possible and make the best of this amazing festival in North Byron Parklands, Australia.


1. The Contiki Package

Splendour In The Grass

The Contiki package is probably the best event package you can get. You can forget about the hassle of buying and setting up your tents, with the Contiki package, you get to just move in and get super comfy in a twin sharing tent with stretcher beds. Have more room to get festival ready with Contiki’s spacious tents, with enough room to stand up and stretch out, even with all your luggage. Forget muesli bars and squished bananas and fuel up for your day ahead with a hot breakfast.

Cost: $129 + $5 Booking Fee/Ticket.


2. Tepeelove Village 

The Tepeelove Village is the ultimate camping experience with surroundings so enchanting that you’d forget about your house back home and you find yourself wishing you could stay for as long as time exists.

The cost of this package might seem a little too pricey but when you take into account all the amazing stuff this package has to offer, you’re gonna want to shell some cash for a truly enriching experience.

Costs and Specifications:

  1. Two Person Tepee: $799
  • 2 x Dense Foam Mattresses
  • 1 x LED Night Light
  • 1 x Floor Matt
  • All you need to do is bring bedding, your clothing and any other bits and pieces you may require

2.  2 Person VITPEE: $1600

  • Includes a luxurious queen size mattress
  • Organic cotton bedding, duvet and throw
  • Floor matt
  • Small table and 2 chairs
  • Small mirror
  • Some clothes hanging space
  • Small clothes/shoe rack.

3. 4-6 Person Tepee: $1450

  • 4 people option  – choose 4 single mattresses
  • 6 people option – Supplied with 6 single foam mattresses
  • 1 x LED Night Light
  • 1 x Floor Matt
  • All you need to do is bring bedding, your clothing and any other bits and pieces you may require.


3. Tent City

Splendour In The Grass

Tent City

Amp up your Splendour camping experience this year with all the Tent City comforts, located very close to the main stage.

All tents are large and roomy allowing guests to easily stand and walk around inside. One can choose from single, twin, triple or take on the new four and five-person tent options.

The communal marquee is decked out with BBQ’s, cold rooms, microwaves, phone charging, tables, chairs and complimentary tea and coffee 24/7. Tent City has exclusive toilets, hot showers and a make-up room including hair dryers, straighteners and large sit-down mirrors to have you looking sharp all festival. The convenience, great atmosphere and friendly onsite staff are just some of the reasons to make Tent City your home away from home this Splendour.


  1. Single Person Tent- 5 Nights @ $350
  2. Twin Share Tent- 5 Nights @ $500
  3. Triple Share Tent- 5 Nights @ $720
  4. Quad Share Tent- 5 Nights @ $1050
  5. Five People Share Tent- 5 Nights @ $1275


4. FlashCamp

Camp in comfort and style this Splendour at Flash Camp, located within the festival campgrounds. Consider Flash Camp your private sanctuary where you can enjoy a hot shower, massage, in‐house hair & makeup services and the comfort of a real bed. Flash Camp features spacious 5m diameter Flash Tents fitted with warm plush beds, fresh towels, Armadillo & Co rugs, toiletries and solar lighting.

Flash Camp guests will also have exclusive onsite access to regularly serviced hot showers and toilet facilities. All this plus a communal area stylishly kitted out with bamboo furniture, where you can kick your shoes off and enjoy some downtime, away from the madding crowds.



Camping opens: Wednesday 19 July
Festival dates: Friday 21 July – Sunday 23 July
Camping checkout: Monday 24 July

Splendour (3 Nights): $530

Splendour (5 Nights): $480

Splendour (4 Nights): $552.50

Splendour 2017 Deluxe Ensuite Package: $1,112.50