Full Metal Bag: Wacken 2017 Essentials

One of the greatest things about Wacken Open Air, other than it being the greatest metal show on earth, is that the festival organisers care deeply about the over 75,000 in attendance every year.

The Festival in itself is a treat of a lifetime but the festival has a special item on sale called the Full:Metal:Bag. Essentially, the F:M:B is everything that you might need for the next 3 days to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

This year’s F:M:B comes pack with a few memorabilia and essential articles that will keep you optimally satisfied.

Here is a list of all the stuf the F:M:B 2017 comes loaded with:

1. Postcard – can be send directly from the festival ground.
2. Patch – patch with current WOA Logo.
3. Sticker – sticker with current WOA Logo.
4. History Pass Laminate – laminated pass with 2017 poster layout
5. Magnet – Magnet with W:O:A 2017 layout (can be used on freezers for example)
6. Rain Poncho – rain protection
7. Ear Plugs – ear protection
8. Ball Pen
9. Foldable Water Bottle – (not only) for the stage areas.
10. First Aid Kit (new! – incl. 2x plaster strips, 1x blister plaster, 1x towelette, 1x sunblocker, 1x condom). The kit comes inside a mobile phone bag which is waterproof. You can put your smartphone into this bag.
11. FMB Backpack – Includes the FMB Items and can be used as backpack during the festival.