Secret Garden Party Accommodation Tips:

huntingdon City

While on the festival ground, camping would be the advised method to get the festival experience. But before and after the festival schedules you can always check into many hostels and hotels scattered around in Huntingdon.


Some hostels close to the festival venue would be:



If you can afford a bit for hospitable version because you might be wanting to explore the other bits of Cambridgeshire as well you can always check into one of these hotels:


Festival Accommodation:

The concepts of Secret Garden Party music festival will be incomplete without a good camping experience. And the festival organizers have taken some good measures to fulfill that experience too. The accommodation consists basically of different types of camping facilities and seperate sections for RV Campers.

Apart from the usual family camping site where you can bring your own gear and camp in your usual planned way, here at SGP you can book a tent at this normal venue too.

Boutique camping however would be the standout feature at SGP which consists of a special site with separate camping activities and 8 different variety of tent style stays each of which connects with the kind of group you come with or activities you wish to pursue in the festival.