Electric Forest Accommodation Tips

Sherwood Forest

Accommodation Management for Electric Forest Music Festival

Double JJ resort in Rothbury Michigan is a good resort to suit your stay while around the festival. But Double JJ resort is a host to the music festival itself you cannot stay in that place during the festival time.

So if you want to manage your accommodation for Electric Forest a few days before or after the event then some other hotels close to the venue would be:


  1. Best Hotel Ever – 4254 Fruitvale Road, Montague (4.79 Miles from Rothbury)
  2. The Weatherwave Inn – 4527, Downling, St Montague ( 6.62 miles from Rothbury)
  3. Econolodge – 3080 Colby Road, Whitehall ( 7.22 miles from Rothbury)
  4. Days Inn Whitehall – 2865 Colby Road  (7.22 miles from Rothbury)
  5. Comfort Inn Whitehall – 2811 Durham Road, Whitehall ( 7.21 Miles from Rothbury)
  6. Dunes Express Inn & Suites – 2284 North Comfort, Hart (12.94 miles from Rothbury)
  7. Dunes Waterfront Resort – 1180 Northshore Road, Silverlake ( 12.98 miles from Rothbury)
  8. Dune View Resort – 9320 Silver Road, Mears (13.12 miles from Rothbury)