Electric Forest Diary

Electric Forest Arrangements

An Anonymous reveller’s entry from an “Electric Forest Journal”

  • While all the pictures and videos might suggest that the forest of the “electric forest” gets its pulse in the dark but let me tell you the morning and afternoon is no ordinary. Plenty of art installations and craft work will be scattered all around the venues.
  • A simple stroll with the intention of get to know the place will turn into a long walk of culture boom in no matter of time. Also, by all means, don’t forget to take your hammocks with you because it is so easy to put up a hammock in the camping ground.
  • You can just toss your hammock high up in the air amongst the woods and it will automatically hook itself to two of the trees. Out of the many unique things you might see and experience, but reclining against a clear night sky and forest dipped in rainbow could be a good thing to sleep to and perhaps no other music festival apart from Electric Forest is this possible.
Electric Forest Arrangements

Electric Forest

  • Such a setback immediately sets an inspiration for painters and artists and I would recommend you surely go around and watch an artist paint a picture head to tail and realize it is no different than the performing arts. All this will be enough to keep you hooked till the sunlight is one and don’t worry about the weather, the canopy of forests is simply too high to put a cool blanket on you.
  • The evening will sneak in and the sun will set before you even notice it because slowly the Tripole, Sherwood Court, Jubilee, Sherwood Court and The Observatory. (venues and stages of the festival) will come to life and so will the forest whose colourful vibes are simply beyond the list of any other experiences on the planet.
Electric Forest

Electric Forest evening

  • What also contributes to the great atmosphere of the planet is the good understanding between the revelers and festival organizers. Abide by the rules of the festival and respect the people and everything will go as the festival claims to deliver. Also, do take part in the other noble initiatives of the festival like the “Food Drive”, “Music In Schools Programme” and other efforts to preserve the health of the forest and nature.
  • It is a splendid experience and definitely worth a visit with or without your friends.