Why Pinkpop Should Be On Your Summer Festival Calender


Before we begin pounding you over the head with reasons why Pinkpop needs to be on top of your list of priorities, there are two things you must know:

  • Pinkpop, like the name, might suggest isn’t just about pop music, some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal like Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Avenged Sevenfold have all headlined the festival in the past.
  • Pink is THE colour. It’s the best colour in the entire spectrum, we will fight anyone who disagrees.

Right, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are 4 reasons why Pinkpop is one of the best and longest running festivals in the history of music festivals.


#1 It literally caused an earthquake once

Pinkpop Festival 1

So festivals get pretty crazy, yeah? But have you ever actually heard of a festival that caused an actual earthquake? No, we’re pretty sure that no other festival has done that before.

The earthquake was intense enough to be registered on the Richter scale. That is a testament to the fact that Pinkpop is the comprehensive music experience where pilgrims from all around the world can truly immerse themselves in a 3-day extravagant celebration of the best music in the world.


#2 The Pink is taken seriously

It’s all pink, simple as that. Everything. Hats, clothes, tents, glasses. The pink hat is one of the most quintessential articles to pick up while at that festival otherwise, you might feel incredibly left out because all of the 50,000 people or so will have something on that is pink.

It’s not just your clothes or tents, passionate fans will dye their hair, paint their skin all pink. Why? Because it’s Pinkpop and you wear pink proudly when you come around to Landgraaf, Netherlands around this time.

You know a festival has had a great legacy and a cult following when 50,000 people flock together and wear a single colour. It not only looks visually spectacular but it also does what festivals are meant to do: bring people together so as to they feel like they’re a part of something way bigger than themselves.


#3 When In Netherlands


Netherlands is the place to be if you’re one captivated by nature and all its extensive beauty. Pinkpop takes place over 3 days in the lush, exuberant Landgraaf. Which means that campsites are going to be surrounded by beauty every direction you look at.

Nature walks are always encouraged and finding a group of new people that share your passion for nature(which will be in the thousands) that will accompany you on the journey to discover and introspect is one of the greatest feelings that one can experience.

So, go cool for a couple extra days after the festival wraps up to go explore the rich, vibrant culture of Landgraaf.


#4 A True Rock Pilgrimage


Eddie Vedder did the biggest stage dive ever by jumping off the TV Mast at Pinkpop 92.

There are only a festivals that one might consider a “pilgrimage” of sorts in the current festival landscape. But, for years, one festival maintained its status as THE festival to go to if you’re seeking out the true rock experience.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Metallica aren’t just rock icons, but in the eyes of Rock fans, they’re gods. The Gods of Rock have been regularly gracing the even for decades now, which gives Pinkpop the illustrious legacy it carries with itself.

So if you consider yourself a true disciple in the temple of rock/metal/pop/music in general, you have to, have to attend Pinkpop at least once in your life. Trust us, it will be worth selling your house for, at least you’d get to see Flea slap the heck out of the bass once in your lifetime.