Travel Tips to Secret Garden Party

Things to Note:

The festival has some serious concerns for environment impacts occurring due to Travel and automobile because of which the organizers have arranged some eco-friendly ways to solve this issue and at the same time make it convenient for the revelers.


So while the directions by road to the festival are as follows:

Directions to Site by Road:

From the A1/A14 Junction (aka Brampton Hut)

Take the A14 towards Huntingdon Industrial Estate (ignore signs to Huntingdon)

At next roundabout go straight over (signposted A141 March & Ely)

Continue straight over the next three roundabouts.

The last roundabout will have a huge Tesco’s on it.

Follow the signs to Secret Garden Party

Apart from that what you can also do is:


Big Green Coach:

Book your tickets to the Big Green Coach which drops you off at the festival entrance.


GoCarShare Feature:

Or utilize SGPs GoCarShare feature which enables you get a lift to someone going in that direction or enables you to exhibit an act of generosity by giving you a chance to give a lift to someone if you own the big ass SUV.

Both of the above features are arrangements done by SGP and hence they earn you special deals and offers on the festival grounds. And you are already keeping the environment less gray.



You can always board the train from Londons King Cross to Huntington Station which takes hardly an hour and runs at a good frequency of a train every half an hour.

From where you can board the taxis or the big red bus which will take you directly to the festival site.