How to: Splendour In The Grass

Splendour In The Grass

Splendour In The Grass“, what kind of an image does that put in your head? Quite obviously, some grass and a whole bunch of music and cultural enlightenment that one shall receive in the aforementioned grass. Okay, so it looks like we’re on the same page.

Splendour In The Grass is one such festival that is regarded as one that is bound to alter your life as you’ve been living it, and always for the better. But with such great promise comes great responsibilities too. The festival is an extravagant, vivid celebration of art, culture and music(duh).

Although, one, who is looking to receive such other-worldly pleasures on earth, must keep a few things in mind. It isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. “What?” you might ask, as in, what is it exactly not nearly as easy as it sounds? The answer is pretty straightforward yet perplexing: “To enjoy-and-immerse-yourself-fully-in-the-experience-while -shamelessly-dancing-to-your-favourite-artist’s-tunes-and-camping-out-with-thousands-of-other-like-minded -individuals-who-are-looking-to-do-exactly-what-you’re-doing YET being careful enough to not fall prey to things that might end up causing you unnecessary hassle.”

We told you the answer was pretty simple yet perplexing, didn’t we?

So now that we’ve provided you with context, it is time to educate you, young Paduan.


#1 Invest in a portable charger for all your electronic devices

Splendour In The Grass 1

A rookie mistake by every new festival enthusiast, but one that even veterans still tend to make. Having a portable power supply around for your iPhones, regular phones, phones not so regular, phones made by Samsung (you get the idea, phones.) or your Bluetooth speakers(very important).

As you sit back and crack a cold open with the boys, there’s usually someone who’s playing cool music on their speakers around, but, it’s never too difficult for you to play your own music. That is great way to make new friends and discover in beauty in humanity and progress towards solving the issues of the world such as racism and apartheid (that escalated quickly) but you get the concept, have backup power for everything that runs on juice.


#2 Get a pair of Gumboots

Splendour In The Grass 2

One word: Guy and Gal Mud Run Races. If you happen to be going to Splendour with your significant other, make sure you have a pair of gumboots because regular shoes tend to do weird things in the mud like: ruin your feet and render you useless for the 3 happiest days of your life.

But other than the races, you’re going to be spending a large amount of your time in the mud. The mud comes along with the fact that Splendour takes place in Australia, mud and Australia are the best bros.

So, it’s best to buy these rubbery, yet awesomely comfortable shoes that keep you all nice and dry in the feet area so that you make the best out of the 3 days.


#3 Listen to your mum and pack warm clothes

Splendour In The Grass 3

Suspend the belief that it’s always hot in Australia, it gets pretty frigid come night time. The fact that Splendour takes place in Winters and you’re going to spending the majority of time outdoors, it is always recommended that you carry with yourself some warm clothes like sweatshirts and hoodies.

Sure, your costume in the morning needs to be cute and a sweatshirt kind of gets in the way but come nighttime, a sweartshirt gets in the way of you and the cold, hard wind that’s determined to ruin your festival experience.



Splendour In The Grass 4

We cannot re-iterate that advice enough, take it slow and drink at your own pace. Frolicking from band to band, stage to stage can be awfully tiring but also completely rewarding, however, you need to make sure your alcohol drinking talents are at bay and take it slowly.

Drinking too much will leave you possibly out of your mind with no information as to when your favourite band’s about to play. That is one of the worst feelings you’ll ever have, being so drunk that you miss your favourite band’s performances.

Also, a hangover is the last thing you need pestering you at this or any other festival.

#5 Make best friends with dry shampoo and wet wipes

Splendour In The Grass 5

Here’s a myth for festival goers: “I only had to wait 3 minutes to get into a camp bathroom and take a nice shower with nobody banging at the door demanding that I vacate that very second”

That never happens, and we stress on the word: NEVER. The whole bathroom situation gets pretty deadly as you progress through the days. Take into account that there’s nearly 50,000 people and not nearly enough bathrooms to meet all your hygience demands.

A shampoo on the day you go down will get you through the rest of the days, and patting yourself down with wet wipes will work wonders for you. So, pack in a pack of wet wipes and dry shampoo.

Splendour In The Grass 5

But most importantly, remember to have fun. Remember that these 3 days are going to be one of the craziest, happiest, liberated you’ll ever feel. Remember to make friends, engage in conversations and visit as many camps as you can.